BECAUSE IT'S CHEAPER FROM YOUR MOBILE, due to lower operator costs !! here are some comparisons to show you the difference, it's cheaper with every operator:
O2TOTAL Costs   MetiorTOTAL Costs
0818 (national rate)35 cent/min   0818 (national rate)25 cent/min
152032 cent/min   152020 cent/min

Welcome to DialWise. Use our cheap access numbers to call at the lowest rates to all major international destinations. No need for registration or special subscriptions. Works from any Ireland phone. Simply pay via your regular (Eircom) bill. All stated prices are in cent per minute and VAT included. Before each call, you will hear a message the current rate of the call (Message free of charge).



*/** Eircom charges to 1890 local rate and 0818 national rate numbers:

* Local rate: Sa-Su: 1.26 cent/min
Mo-Fr 6pm/8am: 1.26 cent/min
Mo-Fr 8am/6pm: 4.92 cent/min

** National rate: Sa-Su: 5.17 cent/min
Mo-Fr 6pm/8am: 5.17 cent/min
Mo-Fr 8am/6pm: 8.57 cent/min

Rates in cent per minute, incl. VAT.
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